Woldburg will be a settlement that replicates a small enclosed village of the Late Migration Period, focusing on the 4th-6th centuries AD, that is planned to be built in Transylvania. It will be based on the cultures of the Germanic tribes that were active throughout Europe in that period, who were instrumental in the breakdown of the Roman Empire and the transition to the Middle Ages.

We plan for it to be inhabited year-round and self sustained, so people from all over the World would be able to book longer stays and take part in agriculture, crafts, treks and battle training.

Concept of a completed Woldburg (we don’t have many Photoshop masters in the team yet, mind you)

Some examples of the natural landscapes of the area

Main plan

  • 20 hectares (50 acres) of land that will be used mainly for pastures and a Longhouse, which will center the entire settlement.
  • Other structures, like huts, artisan workshops, sheds, barns that will grow in number while we add in residents who will live there either permanently or semi-permanently (on rotation).
  • It will be built in the Hirtibaciu region, of Transylvania (a part of Romania), in either Sibiu, Brasov or Mures counties.
  • Visitors will be allowed to book their stay for as long as they want to and will help the residents with their daily lives and enjoy a bunch of Dark Age activities.

Cricket and Seax

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